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I understand that situations arise where you have purchased the preorder and now are in need of those funds. It is also important to note that Crookshanks is a business and cannot cancel orders without penalty. In lieu of a deposit withhold, if you cancel your preorder within the preorder time frame (while it is running), you will receive a ONE warning. If you cancel again, you will not be allowed to order from us again. (So it's kind of like a 2 strikes, you're out! policy) If you cancel an order that has already closed, you will incur a 30% restocking fee. 

All fabrics are digitally printed. During this process, it is common for small specks of white to appear throughout the yardage. This is not considered a flaw. There may also be small flaws/holes along the selvedge (within 1-2 inches).

Retail invoices/shipping invoices are due within 48 hours of receipt. If they are not paid, I reserve the right to resell your order (if not paid at all) or refund you for a paid order, keeping 30% as a restocking fee.